«Sensaciones» talks about the journey of a guitar into the world of feelings: courage, sadness, joy and passion define Puchero’s opus.

«Sensaciones» shows a cosmopolitan Flamenco with nuances of other culture’s genres and rhythms. Without losing the pace and the base of Flamenco, Puchero opens up to the constant flow of new energies.

Puchero is an extraordinarily virtuosic guitarist who provokes his audience by enlarging the musical horizons with his innovative but Flamenco-based vocation. He is capable of creating a very special musical atmosphere for the senses by opening paths where the melodies prosper and evolve.

Puchero expands the language of Flamenco in his compositions by revealing his interiors and by approaching other traditions such as international folklore, jazz or classical music, always leaving his mark and his personal style.